Star Trek: Enterprise (originally titled as "Enterprise" prior to season 3), produced from 2001 to 2005, was a prequel to the other Star Trek series, beginning over one hundred years before the original Star Trek series. The series is set aboard Earth's first warp-five capable starship, the Enterprise commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula). Enterprise shows the origins of several elements that are common in the other series.

For the first two seasons, Enterprise was mostly episodic, like the original series and The Next Generation. The third season's epic arc "Xindi mission" carried through the entire season. Fourth season's story arcs are often spread to two or three episodes. Ratings for Enterprise started strong, but declined rapidly. This may have been due in part to the deviation from Gene Roddenberry's original vision of a more egalitarian future. The deviation began during Star Trek Voyager and continued into Star Trek Enterprise. Through the first two seasons the episodes were well done and seemed to be arcing back towards Roddenberry's orginal vision, but that changed at the end of season two and throughout season three. The show continued to lose ratings mainly during the third season due to the prolonged nature of the mission. Fans were becoming bored and stopped watching. In fourth season the show was making a come back with better written episodes and returing towards what made the other franchises so popular. Unfortunately by then Paramount had canceled the show in early 2005.
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